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Specializing  in design, execution, with experience and knowledge. Lifetime of building and fabrication. From small to large, commercial to residential.


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I love imagining a new look for people willing to let me get to know them. Often, clients aren't sure what they really want, and it's my job to find that which fits them, personally, within a budget they can afford.


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Finishing the job is what really counts. Someone once said the difference between a good job and a poor one is ten minutes. I am not fast, but steady.


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Currently working on multiple projects. Requests will be taken in the order received. Located in Gainesville, Florida Since 1954. . . Aoxomoxoa. . . 

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About Us

Some words about Aoxomoxoa~

dean jordan started flying kites at the ripe age of 7 and never stopped. When his parents wouldn't buy him any more(they cost $.25!)he built his own. Flying and building kites off and on his whole life, dean was educated in the US Navy, dean jordan is a major shareholder and Vice President of KiteShip Corporation. A kite builder and competitive kite flyer from a very early age, Mr. jordan holds a number of records, achievements and trophies in the field of sport kiting, even though he says he only competed for a chance to fly in front of an audience. Mr. jordan has been among the world's few professional kite designers, flyers and demonstrators since he was a teenager; he derives all of his income from kiting.

As a professional designer, Mr. jordan personally developed many of the innovative features and details of stunt kites during their heyday in the 1980's. Mr. jordan's company, Jordan Air Kites, was the first to build ultra light kites and the first to design and build hyper-lightweight kites for indoor (windless) kiting in the 1990's. Mr. jordan also designed what was to become a world standard for single-line large ram air kites, the Jordan AirForm kite.

In the field of traction kiting, Mr. jordan was amongst the first to perfect kites for kite land sailing (kite buggies),and has rubbed wheels with some of the best. Later a strong demand as a test pilot, trouble shooter and design critic for numerous kite making companies, both on land and on water.

Mr. jordan studied under master kite designer Peter Lynn in New Zealand, helped Bruce Flora create his Kiteman Productions kite extravaganza company in Florida and has trained professional dancers, skaters and entertainment performers in the physics and art of kite flying in Japan, Russia, South America, and throughout Europe and America. dean has used kites as his calling card all over the world.

Mr. jordan stays active within organized kiting by being a member of the Federated United Central Kiters Usually Proud Sailors , as well as helping to run the North American Buggy eXpo an event held every March/April on Ivanpah Dry Lake using and promoting traction kites for sailing.

In 1998 Mr. jordan was invited to join KiteShip Company on a consultancy basis to design, fabricate and fly at that time the world's largest ram-air traction kite. He joined KiteShip permanently in 2002 as its Senior Vice President and a major shareholder, though he still consults in both stunt kiting and exposition flying, worldwide. His major application at KiteShip are as test pilot, trouble shooter, kite designer, and kite builder. Also logistics coordination, computer and networks coordinator and general dogsbody.

Meanwhile, he has become a member of the World's Largest Kite Team, The Mega Moon Team from Japan, and recently went to Kuwait to fly with the other team members of the two other World's Largest Kite Teams.

He has also become a character in a series of books about to be published by his friend Rick Kinnaird!

While the KiteShip project is on hold, dean is back at it again, with new designs, plans, and schemes to bring peace to the planet through the use of kites. 

Finding sporadic work making and selling kites lately, he's also been involved with Kiteman Productions, as well as making a commercial for Epoch Productions for Starbucks. 

His most recent travels after building the entire show stock of 58 sails, and 600 linear yards of tails, took him to Dubai to perform for the royal family during the UAE 40th anniversary.

Recent travels increase the ff points and now it's time for some more submersive political view points which he spouts often on Facebook.

At some point, it was pointed out that his arthritis was getting pretty bad, which is when mr. jordan got busy with wood. So far, total design and building of deck with bent laminated supports, lighting and sound, with landscaping and custom wood features, along with any number of commercial installations, trim, and general finish the job, we find ourselves at a unique crossroads. With a complete mobile wood shop, it shouldn't be to difficult to build pretty much anything. 

As George Fong said to me: 'dean, we don't take a job if it is not interesting.'

The adventure will continue until it no longer can!

Life before death.

Strength before weakness.

Journey before destination.

AoxomoxoA in all things.


It is said that the difference between a good job and a poor one is about ten minutes. Slow down if you want to go faster. If your motto is: 'I just want this done', probably not looking for Mr. jordan's work.

Should i stay or should i go.

High quality, with value, intention, and completion.